Fake Domino’s websites, offers and social media accounts

Our pizza is made for sharing, but never with scammers!

Domino’s urges all customers to be aware of any websites, competitions, advertisements, text messages and/or other unsolicited contact that use the Domino’s brand name or logo fraudulently.


Check the website address

Domino’s official email addresses and websites always end with This will never be misspelt. Our official website is in Malaysia.

When ordering Domino’s online, always double-check the website address (URL) before entering personal information.

Simply searching ‘dominos’ in Google and clicking the first URL that comes up is not safe.


Use the official Domino’s app

Download and use our official Domino's app from the Google Play or Apple App store.

Official Social media accounts

Most official Domino’s social media accounts show a verified tick next to the account name. Never share your personal information or respond to unsolicited messages from an unverified account.




Report suspicious behaviour

If you come across a suspicious website or believe you may be a victim of a scam, please report via the feedback form ASAP.


Current scams

Unfortunately, we are aware of a few scams currently in circulation.

Scams via sponsored Google ads

Customers may see fraudulent sponsored Google Ads when searching for ‘Dominos’. Tapping on this sponsored ad will redirect customers to a website to win an award like a gift card. These scams are sent in an attempt to obtain personal information like bank account details, credit card numbers and passwords.

In most cases, once you click on one of these links, you'll be redirected to a phishing site, where your personal information will be requested and then used to carry out fraudulent activities.

Fake sponsored Google ad

Fake prize

Fake prize

What to do:


If you are aware of any scam using the Domino’s brand, please contact us

via the feedback form ASAP so we can investigate further.